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Actual customer e-mail review / testimonials:

"Hey Bob,

Awesome job! I can definitely hear a significant difference on my rig when activating the middle narrowfield. So amazing! Thank you!" Chris (PRS custom wiring)


Just a note to let you know how much I appreciate the phenomenal job you do. The Super-Sonic is fantastic, as is the Gold Top, The 72 Pawn Shop Special, and all of the other guitars you have set up for me recently. They all sound, feel and play great. Hope to see you soon. Thanks,"


"Hey Bob,

The double neck guitar plays awesome, what an amazing difference. Thank you once again my friend, and also for quick adjustments on my new Tele. You ROCK."

Bob D.

"Hi Bob,

I just wanted to thank you again for the fantastic job you did setting up my Geddy Lee Jazz Bass. It plays like a dream! Looking forward to having you work on more of my instruments! Hope you and your family are having a great weekend."

Wayne K.


This is it man, thank you very much! It's exactly what I was hoping for, absolutely love it. Sounds great (I love the tones) and with a really slick look, I am really digging this unit.

You knocked it out of the park! I've been typing this email for over an hour, I can't stop picking the guitar up. I appreciate your work, going to have a ton of fun with this thing!"


Your thoroughness and attention to detail is impressive....I'm all about that, have a great appreciation for it. Again, thank you for your time and efforts here, very much appreciated."

Matt M.  (These are 2 emails regarding a custom ''Bob Weir'' Strat)

"Hi Bob,

The guitar played and sounded great on Wednesday in the mix. No more unusual buzzing and did not even have to fine-tune the 3+ hours we played, despite the slightly warmer temp and humidity present."

Thanks again! Shoaib


Just wanna let you know I took my Ibanez to jam with some friends today. Tone is unreal. Couldn't be more happy with it. Thank you!"

Chris D.


I wanted to send a note that the Strat and Godin you worked on for me recently. Both play like a dream. Thanks again! Hope you're doing well."

Mike D.

"Hi, Bob,

I just wanted to say a quick thanks for all the work you put into my new Tele last month. It sounds and plays great! I love the four-way switch, and the intonation and action are aces.

Thanks again!" Greg


WOW - OMG after playing these guitars at home for about 30 min. each, I must say you have outdone yourself. They are Perfect in feel sound weight, but most of all setup. You are right the Brown has that special something and I think the swapped parts made it even more special. These instruments will make me a better player and I want thank you again!

I am keeping them both." Ken

"Dear Bob,

"You are AWESOME. This guitar plays like a dream. Given the time I spend practicing, I'm grateful you were the one that repaired this. Thanks a million."

Michael G. God bless! (1980 Gibson ES 335 complete fret job)

"Bob did a fantastic job installing a humbucker on my guitar. Best guitar technician that I know of! Highly recommend!"


Carl J.
"Excellent care and service. Bob is a total professional. He took time to listen to what I wanted done, gave suggestions (even talked me out of having the nut replaced because he thought it wasn't necessary) and gave realistic expectations. Even for a $75 setup job he devoted 100% of his time to doing it correctly. Would totally use his services again."

Carl J.


I am writing to let you know that the Strat you made for me is my favorite, and one fine instrument. I could not be happier with it. "



I took the guitar home and played for my wife - I love the action after your work and she agreed that it sounds better now than it ever has since I bought it. Many thanks!"


Bill H.
"Highly recommend Bob / RMS Guitar Repair. Gave easy to understand and candid observations on what he can do to improve the set up of my guitar. Also customized it to my playing style and preferences. He knows his stuff."

Bill H.

Andrew D.
"Exceptional experience! After reading the excellent reviews, I reached out. I have now have had 3 guitars, a Fender, a Gibson SG and a Gibson Les Paul all serviced by Bob. What an amazing experience! He has a passion and insights on each of my guitars that both resulted in great service, and surprisingly taught me about my guitars. All of this was for reasonable cost, excellent communication on options and highly reliable on time estimates. I highly recommend RMS!" Andrew D.

Chris W.
"Top notch craftsmanship and attention to detail. Very knowledgeable guitar tech. Highly recommended."

Chris W.

"I had my Epiphone Les Paul set up at RMS Guitar Repair. Bob knows exactly what he's doing and is a professional at what he does. My Les Paul sounds like a different guitar after the setup. I will definitely be bringing my beloved Les Paul back in a year for another set up. He does anything from setups to repair. If you have an issue with your guitar don't hesitate to call RMS Guitar Repair. You won't be sorry."



You outdid yourself. The guitar looks great, but more importantly plays like a dream.
I love the tone!  Thanks again,"

R. T. (Custom Bass).

"Hey Bob,

I felt the urge to reach out and thank you again for the excellent work on my black relic telecaster.
It was perfect timing to get this done before these troubled times with staying at home most the time. The beauty plays like a dream."


"Wow, big thanks my man!

Hey Bob, just played (new) old uncle Larr last night with full band. Great sound, easy bends, nice neck pickup tones.Thanks for the early Xmas present. You are The Man." (Full fret job on an 80's Larrivee electric)


"Hey Bob,

I just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know how happy I am with the way you setup my basses. I am thrilled with the action, they play so well. It's like I have two new instruments. Thanks again for helping me out. Really appreciate the attention to detail and care you put into helping eke out the best sound from both."



Just wanted to say thanks for the great work on my two Fender guitars recently. It was a pleasure to meet and talk to you. I will certainly recommend your work and look forward to any future work I might need. Thanks again,"


"Hey Bob,

You nailed it! Tele plays great. Intonation is spot on. Really great. Thanks."


"True Professional - He's done two setups for me. He carefully manages his work and schedule, usually a 1-2 week turn around. He did get me in quickly (48hrs) for an important consultation. I wouldn't take my guitar to anyone else."



I really appreciated you helping me out with my last minute scheduling changes and always doing a badass job on my guitars. I played both guitars that night at rehearsal and they are perfect. You know I'm sort of particular with how they are setup, and you nail it on the head every single time.
So thanks again man."


"Played it (Strat) thru a Fender Deluxe for 1000 people and man did it sound gooooooood!! It literally sounded like a different guitar. I couldn't be happier with the move on the pickups, Thanks!"


"Bob, hope everything is going well. Guitars are just awesome, thanks again for the work. We had a recent gig on Saturday at the Cubby Bear, here's a link to the G&L in action. Your awesome work makes the guitars so easy to play, and hence makes me sound better. So I really appreciate it. "


"Hey Bob,

Just wanted to say I am incredibly pleased with my guitars. You do some quality work and I will be in touch about bringing more of my guitars your way! Thanks again,"


"Hi Bob,

Just a note of thanks for the great job on my Les Paul. The setup and feel are outstanding. "

Bob W.

Bob D.
"Very good experience with Bob setting up my 1st guitar ever. Easy to talk to on my level which is beginner with the love for music."

"Stunning work on the SG, Bob! Set perfectly. Your level of care and detail is always appreciated. Thanks, Pete"

"Amazing how much better that mini plays. Thank you - you're the best!"
Bob T.

"Hi Bob,

Just wanted to let you know that the pickups sound awesome (electric) and the acoustic plays beautifully.Thanks for all the great work you do (and for the great conversation)."


Fantastic bass, I played it all weekend. It has great tone and action and is a dream to play. You are the maestro!"



You live up to your reputation. The guitar is better than before you laid your hands on it. I figured its resonance, sustain and silvery quality would be reduced with the 9.5's. But these features seem, if anything, to have increased.

Thanks again."



Don't know exactly what you performed other than a setup to my vintage ES-335 TD. This guitar has never had the sound quality it has now. Last night my wife also commented as to the clarity and improved sound.

Great job. Don't want to stop playing it. For all of you out there. You have never had your instrument setup correctly until you have had RMS perform this task. RMS uses his personal touch to your instrument as if it was his own. RMS will perform an in depth consultation in lay man terms. I have been a musician for 56 years and learned more in one hour from RMS regarding proper maintenance and up keep, so your instrument will last a life time.

Again great job."

Bob C.

"Hey Bob,

Just wanted to update you on the G & L (fret job). Played it at the gig on Friday and it was incredible. So much tighter feeling and more range on bending. So awesome. I was showing everyone including the guitarists in the other bands the work you did and they couldn't believe how well it was done. So thanks again Bob for putting in the time and the extra effort to make it really perfect. I honestly couldn't be happier with it."



Hope you are well. A couple of things. First, I have had the red strat long enough now, and played it enough to tell you, I am completely satisfied with it. It's fantastic! From appearance to playability , I give it all A+++'s. the neck is perfect, as are the tuners, body, pickups, bridge and tremolo system. I also enjoyed the process of working with you, and getting the exact guitar I WANTED. Thank you. My next guitar will definitely be an RMS custom strat. I think we agree, one can never have too many strats."


Here is his guitar

"Hey Bob,

The SRV Strat arrived today. It looks and feels great. The action is much better, and bending on it is real nice. Even without being plugged in, it sounds great. Maybe it's hardtailing the trem and the new nut. The chipped bit of paint looks good, if I didn't know to look for it I wouldn't be able to tell that there was any repair. All in all, a fantastic job. Thank you."

Regards, Jason

"Hi Bob,

Just wanted to say thanks again. I had a busy Thursday and Friday evening so did not have much of a chance to play. I spent about 4 hours playing yesterday and both are just fantastic. I still can't get over how easy they play. Both sound great through a little amp. Today I am going to fire up the Magnatone amp and play them both through it. Can't wait for my wife to wake up so I can do so!"


"Hey Bob,

Just wanted to say, played the LP at rehearsal the other night and it plays awesome! Once again, extremely happy. So thank you very much for that. "


"I recently bought my first 7 string and a pair of Bare Knuckle pickups and needed a professional setup. I ran across RMS when tooling around the Internet and read some great reviews about Bob and figured I'd give him a shot. I have to say the good reviews are dead on!

Bob is a great guy and a master at his craft. He was professional, honest, and thorough during the entire process and made you feel comfortable that your guitar is left in good hands. When I received my guitar everything looked, felt, and sounded perfect. I will be returning to Bob for all maintenance and setups in the future and highly recommend him to anyone looking for a true professional."

"Surfing the web I found Bob and was pleased to see he is located in my old stomping grounds. I have since had him perform numerous services on numerous guitars and have had nothing but great satisfaction with his work and I enjoy his personal and business demeanor. A great guy, gigging musician and a great find in a luthier. I unconditionally recommend him to any and all. "

"Hey Bob,

Just writing to say the guitar plays and sounds awesome. I got it home the other night and didn't want to put it down. I can tell I'm going to be really happy with this Tele for a long time, thanks to your pro setup and saddle change.

Thanks again. I am very pleased with the results!


Reviews by Google users
"You don't have to live anywhere near Chicago to benefit from RMS's expert repair/tech services. Over the last couple of years I have sent guitars from Idaho to RMS without hesitation knowing that the shipping price didn't even matter when so much is at stake....as in a prized instrument ! I just sent another one off today. I can barely explain my utter amazement at Bob's skill and experience level plus valuable advice he offers regarding any issue relating to getting just what I hope to accomplish along with preserving the asset of the guitar. Seriously, I am not sure where to find better repair/upgrade/tech..etc, service. Don't miss a chance to experience Bob's truly expert repair work. A major benefit of working with RMS is the interactivity that occurs as Bob explains the options, and we as customers, have a greater sense of involvement as opposed to passing your guitar off to a mysterious back room for repair by who knows who. You can tell I am totally impressed and satisfied."

"If you live in the western suburbs of Chicago and you need luthier work done, you should seriously consider RMS Guitar Repair. I had a bass I wanted to modify, and Bob could not have been more personable and professional to deal with. We discussed the work I wanted to have done, and I was presented with a series of options that could be pursued. More importantly, there were a couple of things I wanted to have done that Bob felt would not impact the instrument at all, and he explained why I might be better off to not have the work done. When I brought my bass to him, he gave me a thorough explanation of what he planned to do to the bass and gave me a spot-on estimate for the work. I could not be any happier with his level of craftsmanship and now I have the bass I know I'll cherish for years to come. Thanks again, Bob!"

Here is his guitar

"I have used Bob's services several times now. He first did some work on my G & L ASAT with a few worn frets and intonation issues. When I picked it up after his work I could not have been happier with his care and quality. Now to the real part of my review. I bought an Eastwood Classic 12 String and wanted the strings set up like a Rickenbacker with the low strings above the octave strings. At first I wanted the nut replaced to accomplish this, but he told me of another way of doing it for a lot less cash. I cannot get technical so to cut to the chase he worked his magic on it and once again I could not be more satisfied with his work. Oh, by the way all my guitars are left handed and it presented no problem to him. Bob is a great luthier, guitar wizard and all around great friendly guy (not to mention a Beatles lover). You will not be sorry if and when you bring beloved guitar to him. Bob is a TRUE professional without the big head and know it all snobbery."


The guitar has hardly left my hands since I got back home. I had honestly forgotten what this thing was supposed to sound like... I was basically playing a shell of this instrument's intended self for so long. A lot of the sound was in fact lost due to the broken electronics.

Sounds gorgeous, and I couldn't happier. Thanks again for your work."


"Hi Bob,

...(The Epiphone 12-string) sounds, feels and most importantly plays awesome! I don't recall it ever being like this and I think I've played it everyday since I got it back. Great job!"


"Bob is simply the best! He's a master at his craft! Last year Bob set up my new Fender 2010 Stratocaster as well as switched out the pickups. The intonation across the neck was perfect and the action was set just as I requested. This summer things were a little out of whack with the warmer weather so I had him do a quick adjustment - guitar feels and sounds great again! So I just brought him my 1967 Gretsch Country Gentleman that no one else seemed able to set up correctly (due to a unique bridge situation). Bob found the perfect placement for the bridge for intonation and set it in place with some glue that is reverseable if desired in the future. He set the action beautifully - this guitar has never played as well as it does now. Bottom line, Bob is a pro. Bring him your gear and you will be glad you did!"

"Living abroad in the land of no luthiers (that speak English at least!), I desperately needed some work on one of my guitars to get it back into playing condition... After an Internet search I decided to go with Bob. I got a good vibe from the website and though his e-mails. I mailed Bob a worn out Strat clone across the Atlantic with the following work that needed to be done; replace the neck, pickup, install a Kahler bridge, and give it an amazing set up w/ super-low action.

...He chronicled the repair process with continual updates and pictures of how my guitar looked every step of the way. Bob walked me through everything he planned to do before he did anything, and he actually talked me out of some unnecessary work that I thought my guitar needed. Over the course of the repair process we sent no less than 20 e-mails back and forth to make sure I was getting the exact product I wanted when the work was done. I am not the easiest person to deal with (I've been told I am a bit of a perfectionist) and Bob thoroughly answered every question and concern I had with the absolute professionalism of the highest order.

Obviously one may have some concerns having someone performing such major work on one of their guitars on the other side of the world with the only contact being made through e-mail...but I am glad I did. I just received the finished product and it plays and sounds absolutely phenomenal. The way Bob basically took a box of spare parts and turned it into something special was nothing short of extraordinary. This is the guitar that I always wanted... the set-up is first class as well. This will out-perform any new $2,000 Charvel and it plays so good that I just promoted it from back-up to my primary guitar.

Bob, thanks again for your magic... and if I need any more custom work to be done you will be the first one I call!

Thanks again for an amazing job!"


Here is his guitar

" I came across this RMS website by a recommendation of this musician I worked with. Then, I would see RMS name pop up on The Gear Page regarding great luthier work in Chicagoland. So, when my guitars were due for some maintenance, I decided to take them to RMS. I needed a setup on a Strat, and nut replacement on a Les Paul. Bob and I briefly discussed what I was trying to do via email, and set up an appointment date.

What a pleasant and captivating individual he was. When I went there, we talked about what I liked and didn't like about my instruments. After that, he began to examine the guitars and gave me what he thought was good and not so good on the guitars. He wrote down my issues and made suggestions. He asked me if his suggestions would work for me every step of the way. As someone said previously, I felt like I was talking to a guru. He was pointing out issues I didn't realize I had.

As for the nut replacement on the Les Paul... After he examined the instrument, he said he might be able to "fix" the issue without having to replace the nut. (Gibson cut the high E slot too close to the edge of the fretboard).

A week later, I go see Bob again to pick up my guitars. He went over every little detail of work that he'd done on both instruments. He asked me to check for the things he'd mentioned, and wanted to make sure I was happy with his work. The nut that he "squeezed strings" on the Les Paul was perfect. I couldn't even tell it was worked on. My Strat doesn't choke up when I bend up high. Action on both guitars are excellent, and he must have sprinkled some magic RMS dust, because they even sound better, haha. There, we sat and talked about his band, my band, current music, the Beatles, Van Halen, gigs we've had, and stuff for a while. I feel like I'm a better person for having met him.

I've been playing the guitar for about 19 years, and I never once had a "professional" setup. Now I know why there are professionals that offer this service, and why people pay for this wonderful craft. If you've never had a setup, you owe it to yourself to get it professionally set up. And, who better to do it than Bob? I high recommend RMS service. He'll change your life. "

There's two things that you need to do to a guitar:
  1. play it
  2. bring it to Bob at RMS Guitar Repair

It's his own business. By far the best repairman I've ever gone to. Super helpful, very honest, extremely knowledgeable, and the best around at what he does. Plus his prices are definitely some of the best around and he takes very good care of his customer's instruments (I've seen him sacrificing his own guitar by using its case for a customer's guitar that was waiting to be worked on). If you ever need work done again I can't stress enough how much you should go to Bob to get it done.

" I almost don't want to post this review because I'm worried about this guy getting discovered bigtime and then I'll have to wait longer for appointments! But he deserves the credit and the business.

I drive almost two hours to take my acoustic & electric guitars & basses to Bob, and will never take them anywhere else ever again. I own six instruments and I think he's worked on them all! I've had guitar work done by dozens and dozens of different techs over the years, and nobody else can even come close to topping the top-notch service and fully customized setups this man does. The level of service and advice provided is lightyears beyond the competition.

You can tell that Bob really loves what he does, loves guitars, and genuinely cares about yours. He's a really warm and friendly person too, definitely a masterful guru of guitar wisdom. Setups are done the way I want them, with precision, even when I have a wacky tuning or string gauge request, he can make it happen.

Every time a friend plays one of my instruments, they comment on how well it plays. This is the reason."

"Bob is simply the best.
The most knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful repair guy I've found. Seriously, if you live near the northwest suburbs and you need a go-to guitar repair guy, give Bob a call. He runs RMS and does it all alone, so you know the guy you're talking to will be the guy working on your instrument, and he does perfect work everytime."

Tim S.
"...Bob is the best guy around for handling your guitar. In my experience, he does the best work in the area, and he definitely has the best prices. He's very personable and always has time to answer your questions. EXTREMELY knowledgeable when it comes to guitars, especially Fenders and Gibsons. In fact, I sent him a question through email today about a guitar and he got back to me with an answer that could've come out of an encyclopedia! Just a wealth of knowledge. I had a Strat with vintage frets that kept fretting out on bends. He took a microscopic amount off the frets on the upper register of the neck, a not even noticeable amount, set it up, and now it's by far the best playing guitar I own. Also, he gives great expert advice and handles the instruments he works with like they were his own. Do yourself a favor and bring your guitar to Bob."


I got home and had a chance to really plug in the Washburn you set up for me. Everything was perfect! The tuning was spot on, string height was awesome! I thank you so much and you will be seeing a lot of my guitars in the near future.

Thanks again!"

Mike M.


You have done what no other could achieve.... Made me happy!! Thanks again for your expertise. You are a very talented person. I will never touch adjustments again. Hope to see you soon.


"Bob is the man!

...Bob was very professional and concise. He really aims to please and was really detailed about the work being done. The price for the setup was reasonable and my bass came back to me within the quoted timeframe. It plays like new with the action just the way I like it. This is my guitar guy from now on."

"Bob is an awesome guy and knows how to run a business. And on top of all that, he does quality work! Patronize this man's business. He is great! Bob's patient, answers all questions, is upfront and honest, gives you a quote and sticks to it (bad experiences elsewhere with that), and gets the job done when he says he will. I brought my guitar in for a set up and after telling him what I was looking for, he talked me out of spending money with him because I would be better off spending my money on upgrades or a different guitar. How many businesses will do that nowadays? You better believe he is now my "guitar guy". He did some work on another one of my units and will see the rest of them in the near future. Thanks Bob!"


I couldn't like my set up more. May even solve my pinky problem. Thanks again.


"Bob - I was playing the Tele last night and I'm blown away at how easy it plays - low action, no dead spots..."

Thanks again.

Brian H.

"Hi Bob,

You have a customer for life! That 12 string never played right from the day I got it, until now. In fact, none of my guitars (that you've set up) have ever played better."

Peace//Chris M

"This guy is unbelievable! I've had repetitive motion injury and want to be able to play guitar without flare-ups. Using light strings with action as low as possible, reduces pain & inflammation. Bob did what I thought was impossible - strings practically kissing the frets while playing beautifully up & down the whole neck.

Since that first job, I've returned many times. Besides superb fret jobs, dressings and setups, Bob has done electrical customization for me, various repairs, and brought a warped neck back to life. Often, he's pointed out alternate means of achieving the same goal which ended up working better than my original proposal, yet cost the same or even less. And every time, I'm treated with a friendly and respectful attitude.

Another great thing: He is almost obsessive in the amount of care with which he handles the instruments entrusted to him. I've encountered four luthiers so far, and Bob is the ONLY one who has returned my instruments in the same shape he got them - without creating new scratches, dings, or adding other damage. Folks, you just can't get better than this!"

If you wish to contact Alex yourself to ask further questions, he's here.

Some repairs I've done for Alex:

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