Setup Overview

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If the bridge is set too high, your guitar will be difficult to play. Set too low and you will get fret buzz.
Proper intonation will keep your guitar in tune as you play up the fingerboard.
Neck joint:
If this is not aligned properly your strings will "fall off" the fret board.
Equal space on the outside of the "E" strings is what you want.
If you want low action, the frets must be level and the neck straight.
A properly adjusted neck should have some relief.
The nut:
This may be the most overlooked factor.
For great action, correct slot height, width, and spacing will make a huge difference in your guitar's playability.
Truss rod:
Best left to a pro, this adjustment will keep your neck straight through the seasons.
Caution: Improper adjusting will result in damage to the neck !
If your tuners are old or cheap, a new (high quality) set might be the answer to your tuning problems.
In addition, a poorly cut nut and improperly wound strings can also cause tuning headaches.

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