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For guitar repairs, please e-mail Email RMS Guitar Repair

Here is a sampling of typical repairs.*
If you do not see your repair, please contact.

Prices shown are for labor only.

Standard Setup:

  • Electric guitar / bass $55.00 (plus cost of strings)
  • Acoustic 6 string $55.00 (plus cost of strings)
  • add $15 for 12 string
  • Floyd Rose or Kahler $65.00 (plus cost of strings)

A customized setup includes:

  • a full evaluation of the guitar
  • adjusting the truss rod for proper neck relief
  • check, adjust and lubricate nut slots
  • adjust, clean and lubricate the bridge
  • adjust tremolo system to specs or customer's preference
  • check and adjust saddle height to specs or preference (acoustic)
  • set bridge / saddle height to specs or customer's preference
  • set intonation
  • adjust pickup height
  • check and tighten all screws
  • clean and condition fretboard, fret buff
  • clean instrument appropriately
  • install new strings

    Note: If you like super-low action, a fret dress may be necessary. A fret dress is: level, crown and buff.

    Guitars are setup to your specs or factory specs.

    Electric Guitar Repairs:

    • Pickup installation $40.00
    • Replace switch (3 or 5-way) $40.00
    • Replace jack $30.00
    • Replace 1 pot $40.00
    • Replace 2 pots $60.00
    • Coil tap or phase switch $30.00
    • Push / Pull Pot installation $50.00
    • Complete Rewire from $80.00
    • Pickup cavity rout from $60.00
    • Replace bolt on neck $75.00 (add $55 for setup)
    • All types of Bridge installations from $60.00
      Wiring note: F-hole instruments add $50.00

    Replace nut:

    • Install bone, graphite (or material of your choice) from $65.00
    • 12 string $75.00


    • Fret Dress (level, crown and polish) $95.00
    • Re-fret: from $300.00
    • Partial re-frets from $175.00

    Acoustic Guitar Repairs:

    • Re-glue acoustic bridge from $150.00
    • Custom new bridge from $150.00
    • Replace bridge plate from $125.00

    Other Repairs and Custom Builds:

    • Complete electric builds to your specifications. Meet to estimate.
    • Replace tuners $60.00 (add $25 for reaming larger)
    • Minor finish touch-up - estimate upon inspection
    • If you do not see your repair, please contact.

    * Please note: Repair prices do not include guitar parts. Prices shown are for labor only. Guitar repair prices are subject to change without notice. Repair prices are estimates only. Due to the individuality of each job, estimates may vary slightly.

    Terms and Conditions

    • 90 day guarantee on labor. Manufacturers warranty (which can vary) applies to parts that RMS provides.
    • RMS does not warrant customer-provided parts; parts are warrantied only when RMS provides them. RMS will install customer-provided, quality parts (labor guaranteed, only).
    • Maintaining proper humidity (42-55%) and temperature levels (69-79 F) is key to preventing guitar damage and prolonging setup, on ALL guitars.
    • Please see manufacturers website and owners manual for more guitar care information. Please see the RMS website for some setup and guitar care tips.
    • If costs exceed the estimate, the customer will be notified.
    • Not responsible for items left more than 90 days after completion.
    • Please see RMS website for further details.

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