Guitar Assembly by RMS

RMS Guitar Repair professionally assembles replacement guitar bodies and replacement guitar necks of your choice, and adjusts them for perfect playability.

Want to try a replacement neck on your current instrument ? Or wedding a custom body and neck together ? It takes more than just screwing in a couple of bolts:

In addition to having the holes in the neck aligned perfectly with those in the neck pocket, there are other variables that also need to be "dead-on". For example, to achieve your perfect action, shim height and placement must be taken into account. It only takes a couple of thousandths of an inch for a misalignment.

As someone who has preferred Fenders and Fender-style instruments for my own use for many years, I'm intimately familiar with the many steps that must be taken to form the perfect union of body and neck. Choose your dream neck and dream body, and let RMS assemble your perfect custom instrument for you.

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