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Welcome to RMS Guitar Repair, offering you the highest quality guitar repair,  setup, and care of all types of electric and acoustic guitars and basses. Specializing in Gibson and Fender guitars, and proficient with all brands.

 *   Superior setups
*   Expert fret work
*   Custom electronics
*   Custom guitars, bodies, & necks
*   All types of repairs
*   Free estimates

RMS Guitar Repair
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(Chicago suburbs - Glen Ellyn, IL - DuPage County)

Expert setup, repair & restoration, electronics, custom guitars, modifications - whatever you require - from a professional with over 30 years of guitar repair experience.

Instruments are set up to your exacting specifications. Anything from high, to the lowest possible action can be achieved; it's all in the details! And, it's most important to me that you are pleased with the results.

Above are just some of the repairs performed. You can expect the highest quality workmanship, reliable customer service and reasonable rates. Please click here for typical services and repair costs.

Seymour Duncan sales and service

Member, Guild of American Luthiers

Lava Cable



RMS Guitar Repair

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