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Here is a 1937 archtop guitar. This customer asked me to bring it to life with some electricity. As always, I encourage repairs/mods that can be reversed and brought back to original condition, whenever possible. This job is completely reversible.

Removal of the old bridge (which was at its maximum height and the strings were still a bit low).

The strap button was chosen for the input jack, as it was the least invasive and preferred location.

Here the new jack is installed. The hole needed to be opened up slightly and a special mounting was needed, as there was a 2" x 3" support block in that area.

Here is the finished product. The base of the unit was carefully sanded to match the shape of this `37's top. The bridge base was also marked (with a fine pencil line), so the client could put the bridge back in the spot for best intonation. Changing 1 string at a time will help keep a floating bridge in place and help avoid thumbwheel movement.

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