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This guitar's once-glossy neck has been "satinized". The owner understood the potential problems with tung-oil necks *, but wanted a similar non-sticky feel on his instrument. I gently sanded the neck and heel area to the shape specified by the customer.
The great thing about such a treatment is that it gives a satin feel similar to a tung-oil finish, but without compromising neck integrity. Also, if sanded properly, the neck can later be buffed out to restore glossiness, should the owner change their mind.

Caution: if you're thinking of trying this yourself, be aware that if the finish is sanded too much, your neck will be as exposed to the elements as a tung-oil neck would be.

* Bare necks, if they have not received a sufficient number of coats of tung oil, are not impervious to climate changes. This can adversely affect the wood - in some cases, severely. ( Note that Warmoth, a leading manufacturer of Fender-replacement necks, will NOT guarantee any of their custom necks that have been ordered with only a tung-oil finish. )

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